Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro Plus Two-tier Portable Column Keyboard Stand (Black)




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Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Pro Plus could change your life. Face it: keyboard stands are kind of ugly and you can’t really see the guy behind them that well. Put your precious keys on an Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Pro Plus keyboard stand, at all of that changes. You see, the APEX AX-48 Pro isn’t some ordinary keyboard stand – it’s the keyboard holding machine that could change your life – or at lease improve your image. Oh – the Plus refers to the stuff that comes bundled with the stand – a handy mic boom and stylish tote bag!



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Additional information

Weight 8.62 g
Dimensions 7.6 × 7.6 × 147.3 cm


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Product Feature's

  • The modern look and shape of the APEX AX-48 Pro brings the keyboard player out from behind a stack of no-character keyboard stands, and into the spotlight with the rest of the band.
  • two sizes of Tribar arms (one set of 13″ arms, and one set of 18″ arms) to safely hold today’s keyboards, synthesizers, and keyboard workstations of all sizes.
  • Part Number: 17368AX-48 Pro Color: BlackAX-48 Pro Height: 46″ (1168 mm)AX-48 Pro Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
  • AX-48 Pro Folded Length: 52″ (1321 mm)AX-48 Pro Load Capacity: Up to 125 lbs. per tier (56.8 kg) or 250 lbs. total (113.6 kg)Ulti-Boom Length: 18.9″ – 34.6″ (480 mm – 880 mm)Ulti-Boom Weight (w/Adapter): 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)