Terramaster D2 Clone USB External Hard Drive


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TerraMaster D2 Clone offers offline high-speed cloning of HDD1 to HDD2 without connecting to a computer. The SSD’s cloning speed can reach 550MB/sec, while the hard drive can deliver a cloning speed of 200MB/sec. Clone hard drives support up to 18TB.

The device is compatible with multiple 3.5-inch SATA hard drive brands and models, as well as with 2.5-inch SATA hard drives and SSDs

Terramaster D2 Clone offers unique protection against misoperation. The clone function can only be activated after two confirmations to prevent hard drive data loss. If the cloning task is not confirmed within 10 seconds, the cloning procedure will automatically stop.

Terramaster D2 Clone comes equipped with five indicators specifically designed to monitor cloning progress. The display indicator makes clear the progress and status of the clone.The D2 Clone uses power protection to prevent damage caused by use of the wrong power supply. When the user connects to the wrong power source, the device’s automatic protection will be enabled.

The D2 Clone is a great companion for media libraries, video editing and image and file backups. It offers ideal storage for video surveillance content, commercial data, R&D technical documentation and financial records.




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