sE Electronics V7x Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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Product Feature's

  • SE Electronics sE Electronics V7x Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • Brand : SE Electronics
  • SE Electronics sE Electronics V7x Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone Brand : SE Electronics

The SE Electronics V7 X is a dynamic instrument microphone ideal for a broad range of instrumental applications – both in the studio and on stage. Its specialized capsule’s innovative aluminum voice coil and brand new acoustic design are specifically tailored for full-bandwidth instrumental reinforcement & recording, with a perfect balance of detailed highs and deep, ultra-powerful lows, allowing for use on nearly any source from electric guitar cabinets to brass instruments, snare drums to choir, and many more.

In a world crowded with dynamic microphones – and largely led by a small handful of “industry standards” – the V7 has rapidly achieved high praise from both artists and reviewers alike with its stunningly realistic sound quality, immense gain before feedback, and superior off-axis rejection.

The all-new custom DMC7 X capsule offers the same technologies and features as its sibling within the V7, including its innovative, specialized aluminum voice coil. While the V7 is optimized for vocals, the capsule in the V7 X has been custom-tuned for instrumental use. The upper frequency range is smooth & balanced, capturing every nuance of the player, while the lowered resonance and extended, powerful low frequency response allows for a complete spectrum of instruments: 4×12 guitar cabs, toms, snares, horns, rotary organs, or any other instrument all come through loud, natural, and clear.

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Weight 499 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 17.8 × 25.4 mm


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