sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite 1-channel Active Inline Preamp




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“The tubular case is metal and feels rugged enough to drive a truck over it without damage (I didn’t try this, however!). It weighs less than three ounces (80 grams) and is under four inches (about 96 mm) long. The finish is excellent, pins are gold plated, mic lock works smoothly, and it feels very solid overall.”

“Using a variable input impedance preamp, I found the gain dropped only 0.1dB when driving a 300 Ohm load, and above that, up to a 3 k Ohm load, gain was always 28.9 dB. Loading it with 150 Ohms reduced the gain by about 3 dB, but most mic preamps run 300 Ohms to 3 k Ohms.”



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Product Feature's


  • +28dB OF CLEAN, CONSISTENT GAIN, INDEPENDENT OF LOAD designed for neutral, balanced sound quality
  • State of the art electronics and high-grade FETs provide supremely low noise
  • Transformerless design for pristine sound quality
  • Provides the lowest noise in its class
  • Provides +28dB output independent of load impedance or cable length
  • Extremely low output impedance
  • Drives long cable runs and can reduce susceptibility to RF interference, buzz & hum
  • Efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise
  • High-quality finish ensures a great look for many years
  • Slim design allows for easy placement in the studio or on stage