Prism Sound Lyra 2 USB Audio Interface



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The Prism Sounds’ Lyra 2 combines ultra-stable clocking, reference-grade AD/DA conversion, and two world-class microphone preamplifiers to deliver a sonically superior compact USB audio interface. For small project studios or traveling producers who are uncompromising when it comes to fidelity, the Prism Sound Lyra 2 is an ideal choice, with just the right amount of control and connectivity for vocal sessions and overdubs. An intuitive software control panel offers access to advanced features, including M/S functions, soft clipping, and adding additional channels via optical input. Highly regarded by discerning engineers.

Even if clicks, pops, and dropouts are not actually audible, it is simply unacceptable for mission-critical operations like audio archiving and forensic analysis. The cause is usually your computer’s operating system, which can momentarily disrupt audio processes to perform other operations

Lyra represents the pinnacle of compact audio interfaces. Packing Prism Sounds trusted, uncompromising AD/DA conversion into a compact chassis perfect for use in the studio or on the road.
Based on the Orpheus’ audio path and clock circuitry, Lyra is ideal for those who don’t require a large I/O count, but do demand the highest quality and most transparent AD/DA available.
They’re designed to reveal all the nuances of instrument and vocal performances, as well as the recording environment. Lyra 2 includes two instrument inputs on the front panel, plus two XLR and two 1/4-inch TRS line inputs on the back panel. Input type is automatically selected depending on which jack is used, and the preamps feature 48V phantom power, 20dB pad, phase reversal, and an M/S matrix function


Prism Sound

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 46 × 35 × 16.5 cm

Product Feature's

Prism Sound Lyra 2  Features:

  • USB interface and AD/DA converter with industry-leading clocking and conversion
  • Reference-grade clocking for ultra-low jitter and maximum digital accuracy
  • 2 pristine mic/line/instrument preamps
  • 4 analog line outputs and headphone out
  • ADAT I/O supports up to 8 additional channels
  • S/PDIF input and output can be used for AES3 signals with included adapter cables
  • Lyra Controller applet for Mac and PC provides comprehensive input/output control, signal routing, foldback mixing, and more
  • Overkiller soft limiter available on all analog inputs to protect against digital clipping
  • Verifile technology allows you to monitor signals or analyze audio files for data corruption