Nektar Panorama T4 49 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard




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The Nektar Panorama T4 & T6 are the first controllers to deliver Nektar-level instrument plugin control in any VST/AU compatible DAW. Load patches directly from the keyboard and start controlling parameters immediately, with every change instantly visible on the LED display. Control any instrument plugin with one of the many included maps or customize and create your own.

Discover new performance tools like the powerful chord, hold and note repeat functions. Tweak repeat parameters, plugin parameters and record it all in your DAW. Panorama T4 & T6 connect to most DAWs delivering track navigation, mixer and transport control with either Nektar DAW integration or MCU compatibility.

Experience the unsurpassed integration of Panorama T4 and T6! Panorama T4 and T6 feature a 2nd generation Panorama synth-action keybed. Dampened and carefully balanced across the keyboard with medium tension, which means the activation force required is in the middle of the range established for professional keyboards. Five velocity curves shift the emphasis from soft to hard, giving enough choice to cater for any playing style.

A fixed option enables velocity values to be set by controls, including the wheels. The 2nd Gen Panorama keybed is our most expressive keybed yet and features the AfterTouch strip: Easily triggered and controlled, AfterTouch makes it possible to dynamically alter tone or volume by gently applying just a bit of pressure.



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Additional information

Weight 6.85 g
Dimensions 90 × 36 × 16 cm


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Product Feature's

Nektar Panorama T4 MIDI Controller Keyboard Features:

  • 49-note 2nd-generation synth-action keyboard
  • Velocity and aftertouch sensitive
  • 4 velocity curves plus 1 fixed (adjustable)
  • Pitch-bend, Modulation wheels
  • Octave shift buttons
  • Key Repeat and Pad Repeat Buttons
  • 9 x 30mm faders
  • 8 assignable LED buttons
  • 8 assignable encoders
  • 4 navigation buttons plus shift for another 4 assignments
  • 6 LED transport buttons
  • 10 user-configurable presets
  • Mixer, Instrument, Multi and Internal mode buttons
  • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive LED color performance pads
  • 5 pad velocity curves plus fixed (adjustable)
  • Pad Bank button for access to 8 additional pads
  • Custom 128 x 64 pixel LCD display with adjustable contrast
  • 1/4” TS jack foot switch input (MIDI assignable)
  • 1/4″ Expression pedal input (MIDI assignable)
  • MIDI Out 5-pin DIN socket
  • USB-to-host, USB bus powered
  • USB class-compliant (no driver needed)
  • Bitwig 8-Track DAW software included