Genelec 8040B 6.5-Inch Active Powered Studio Monitor - Single




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The Genelec 8040B features Genelec’s MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) enclosure with rounded edges and gently curved front and sides. This allows the 8040BPM to achieve a very smooth frequency response and superb imaging qualities with minimized cabinet edge diffraction

The choice of recording professionals the world over, the 8040B’s pristine performance extends to an SPL of 105 dB and reaches right down to 41 Hz. This is a nearfield monitor that can provide truthfulness and energy in equal measures.

The 8040B’s recycled aluminium cabinet design combines transparent, uncoloured audio quality with a unique aesthetic beauty. You’ll work with speed and accuracy, producing mixes that translate beautifully. And when you’ve finished, our Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) circuitry will automatically switch the 8040B into a green, power-saving standby mode.




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