Genelec 8020C Active Two-Way Studio Monitor - Single




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The Genelec 8020C active nearfield monitor gives you amazingly clear, accurate sound from a very compact speaker! Genelec builds the quality you’ve come to expect into each 8020C, from the distinctive cast-aluminum enclosure to the premium 4″ LF driver and 3/4″ tweeter to the dual 20-watt amplifiers and ISS Power Management. You’ll be amazed at the big, natural sound you get from such a small enclosure! Now, you don’t have to compromise on accurate monitoring – even if your space is limited. Equipped with an Iso-Pod stand, the Genelec 8020C can also be stand- or wall-mounted.

The power amplifiers are directly connected to the speaker drivers, maximizing the control exerted by the power amplifier’s damping on the driver’s voice coil, reducing the consequences of dynamic changes in the driver electrical characteristics. This may improve the transient response of the system.
There is a reduction in the power amplifier output requirement. With no energy lost in the passive crossover filter components, the amplifier power output requirements are reduced considerably (by up to 1/2 in some cases) without any reduction in the acoustic power output of the loudspeaker system.




Additional information

Dimensions 14.2 × 15.1 × 24.2 cm

Product Feature's

Genelec 8020C Active Monitor Speaker Features:
  • Small, two-way active nearfield monitor
  • Aluminum MDE enclosure
  • Drive units: magnetically shielded 4″ low frequency and .75″ high-frequency
  • Frequency response 55Hz-21kHz
  • Max peak SPL out per pair 105dB at 1 meter
  • Balanced in on XLR connector
  • Integrated crossover and amps – 20 watts lows, 20 watts highs
  • ISS Power Management saves precious energy
  • EQ controls on rear panel
  • On/Off switch
  • Perfect for 2200 cubic ft./pair
  • Iso-Pod mounting stand included
  • Integrated omnimount series 20.5 mounting threads and 3/8″ microphone stand threads