Audient Sono Guitar Recording Audio Interface

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tThe Audient’s Sono is tailor-made for the recording guitarist, marrying a 12AX7-fueled preamp with a top-shelf power amp and cabinet simulation from Two Notes, along with a 3-band EQ and powerful re-amping capabilities. Sono isn’t just for guitarists, however — it’s also a feature-packed USB audio interface. Experience studio-quality recording thanks to a pair of Audient’s console-grade microphone preamps and class-leading AD/DA conversion. Benefit from low-latency monitoring and a crystal-clear headphone output. Beyond that, Sono is expandable via ADAT, so you can track entire bands without breaking a sweat. Sono features all-metal construction, so it’s built to last and ready to travel.

Loaded with all the essential features, Sono is a top-shelf audio interface. You’ve already got two world-class mic preamps. But if you need more, you can easily expand to up to 10 total inputs via ADAT to track drums, multi-mic cabinets, or capture live performances. Latency is kept to a minimum with Sono. With it, you can create a monitor mix that allows you to blend between the input signal from your guitar and your DAW’s playback to record and monitor with next to zero latency. Class-leading AD/DA conversion and high-quality analog components deliver ultra-clean sound with 114dB of dynamic range.

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1 review for Audient Sono Guitar Recording Audio Interface

  1. Umesh sahu

    This product is good because the padding is extremely thick ensuring protection of the guitar. Fitting is additionally perfect. If I check out the worth of this product it’s the simplest price that i can find in India.

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Product Feature's

  • 10-in/4-out USB 2 audio interface with high-performance 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters
  • 2 superb, console-grade Class A mic preamps with clean, punchy character
  • Tube guitar preamp with authentic 12AX7 preamp tube and 3-band EQ
  • Built-in Two Notes DSP guitar recording interface
  • Store 3 presets onboard — no laptop required
  • Re-amp output allows you to record a clean signal and play it through your favorite amp later
  • Expand to up to 10 total inputs via ADAT to track drums, multi-mic cabinets, and more
  • Low-latency monitoring makes tracking much, much easier
  • Headphone output for quiet monitoring