Art Eq341 Dual Channel 15 Band 2/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

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  • Key Features

    • Dual Channel 15-Band Graphic Equalizer
    • Constant-Q Filtering
    • Balanced XLR, Active Balanced 1/4″, and Unbalanced RCA Input and Output Connectors
    • +/- 6dB or +/-12dB Level Adjustments
    • 20mm Center Detented Frequency Band Sliders
    • Independent Level and Bypass Controls Per Channel
    • Designed for Years of continuous, reliable performance
    • Rugged All Steel Construction
    • One Year Warranty



ART is a company comprised of musicians, engineers and recording enthusiasts. Since its inception in 1984, we have been striving to redefine the performance versus price barrier with a series of innovative new audio products designed with the needs of the musician in mind. With a full line of vacuum tube preamplifiers and compressors that deliver unmatched warmth, tone and character; innovative Graphic Equalizers that actually show you exactly where feedback may occur, and a full complement of cool little useful tools designed for stage and studio, ART offers affordable audio solutions that deliver unmatched quality, tone, versatility and reliability.

Additional information

Weight 2.99 g
Dimensions 54.6 × 26.7 × 8.9 cm

1 review for Art Eq341 Dual Channel 15 Band 2/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

  1. Akash Mungekar

    I’m very pleased to have made this purchase, as the ART EQ341 seems to be very good at the initial overall quality & excellent in sound quality…especially considering the price! It connects simply to my receiver – between the pre-amp & amp sections – without ‘most’ of the apparent concerns that were mentioned here years ago. Nice to believe this company does something about fixing consumer issues! Cosmetically, although the rotary level setting markers aren’t “perfectly” lined up to the center detent positions(it won’t matter in use anyway), this unit is much nicer looking than it appears in the picture and, with a little creativity, ‘CAN’ fit in very nicely even outside of a rack…IMO. One idea: If you’re handy with woodworking and want a more ‘traditional’ appearance, it would be pretty easy to build a simple casing that matches your other components for the EQ341 to slide into. The only real word of caution I have is about the plug. If your plans are to plug it into a switched outlet of a home receiver so that everything comes on together, remember that this unit’s plug is 3-pronged… and receiver outlets generally aren’t. Although there are ways around this, I strongly recommend this product.

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Product Feature's

The ART EQ300 Series of graphic equalizers have been designed and engineered to extremely high standards for audio performance and functionality. These innovative, high-quality equalizers are perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance, rugged design and extremely silent processing is important. Rugged construction and solid audio performance make these equalizers particularly well suited to fixed installation as well as touring live sound systems.

  • May be used in a variety of applications such as live sound, recording studios, instrument racks as well as any conventional fixed installation environment
  • The equalizer can be used wherever modification of the frequency contour of a sound is needed
  • The graphic equalizer is a powerful tool for solving a number of audio problems and creating interesting sound textures
  • Patch the EQ between your mixing console and power amps to allow you to alter the overall mix to better match your environment
  • Use the EQ between your monitor mixer and monitor power amps to aid in the removal of feedback inducing frequencies
  • Patch into a channel insert to EQ one channel or track individually
  • Run your instrument directly into the equalizer to enhance its sound before reaching a power amplifier or instrument amplifier.
  • Patch into the effects loop of an instrument amplifier or between a preamp and power amp to have precise control over the complete sound


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