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Available for Windows PC and Apple Macintosh computers, the S Control app offers a quick way to set up, edit, store and recall the user-adjustable parameters of the S Series speakers, via an easy-to-use, one-knob-per-function graphical user interface. The app also provides a simple means of carrying out S Series firmware updates when these are released.

A USB connection to the computer-based remote control software, allows the updates and enables voicing adjustments or preset selection to be carried out without the need to access the rear panel of your monitors − a useful option particularly if they are soffit-mounted. Users can now sit at their mix position and adjust the sonic characteristics of their speakers with the powerful DSP control inside every S Series speaker.

S Control is a software front end for ADAM Audio‘s S Series loudspeakers, and will not function unless connected to one of the monitors in the range. It is designed to be connected to one speaker at a time, and must be connected via a direct USB connection with no hubs, splitters, routers, etc. in the USB signal path.

The free download of the S Control remote software is exclusively available through the MyADAM User Area and requires a registration of a studio monitor from the S Series range.



ADAM (Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors) Audio was founded in March 1999 in Berlin, Germany. Since then the company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeakers in the field of Professional Audio, adding HiFi-Speakers to the portfolio very soon. After ten years the original ART driver construction had been improved as X-ART or eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology which tweeters and midrange speakers are characterized by an extended frequency range and higher efficiency. ADAM is using amplifier with a bandwidth of up to 300 kHz to improve the reproduction of the sound.
Adam Audio

Product Feature's



Input Sensitivity Adjustable
Parametric EQs 6
Room Compensation High-Shelf EQ 1
Room Compensation Low-Shelf EQ 1
Preset Memories 5
Delay 0 ms to 5 ms


One-Knob-Per-Function Yes
Save And Store Function Yes
Real-Time Adjustments No
Available For Windows PC, Apple Macintosh