Speaker Stand

How Speaker Stand Can Improve the Sound Quality

We may label them bookshelf speakers, but does that seems a good idea to place them on shelves? No one is stopping you from doing it, but, bookshelves, TV boards, or tables all have a common shortcoming and that is- surfaces.

Surfaces close your speakers and can source early reflections that color and disfigure the sound image – that’s also why we suggest getting your speakers over stands away from walls and closed areas.

Stands are particularly helpful in the low-frequency area, as the part of the frequency spectrum is omnidirectional and thus extra sensitive to surfaces nearby as compared to the high-frequency area. Speaker stands to improve audio positioning, tweak sound staging, and cut down audio reflections. That’s why everyone should prefer stands in place of putting them on shelves.

 Examples for speaker stand

  • Ultimate Support JS-MS70+Jam Stands Series Studio Monitor Stands
  • IsoAcoustics ISO 155
  • Ultimate Support JSMS70
  • HAWK HPP05 Studio Monitor Isolation Pad



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