Rode Microphones Performer Kit

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The Performer Kit comes with TX-M2, RX-DESK, LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, microphone clip, microphone case and Micro USB Cable and includes a 2-year extended warranty.The RODELink range is so intuitive it works straight out the box, with no channel selection necessary. Using a secure Series II 2.4GHz encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously,

RODELink automatically selects the strongest signal and ensures your audio is as reliable and secure as a cabled connection.Featuring a high-quality, handheld condenser microphone (TX-M2) and a desktop receiver, the RODELink Performer Kit is perfect for lectures, Q&As, school presentations, weddings and live performances. Providing one-touch pairing with the RODELink receiver the microphone can be powered by the new and included RODELB-1 Lithium-Ion Battery or 2 x AA Batteries.

  • Wireless receiver that delivers straightforward use and clear-sounding performance
  • Utilizes a secure encrypted 2.4GHz signal on two simultaneous channels
  • Automatically selects the strongest signal, ensuring a solid connection
  • 330-foot operating range makes it ideal for lectures, presentations, weddings, and live performances
  • Digital display shows battery life, signal status, and peak warnings
  • One-touch pairing makes setup a breeze
  • 40dB, 5-step level adjustment (-20, -10, 0 10, 30dB)
  • 2.4GHz digital frequency is virtually future-proof in light of the FCC's ever-changing rules

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