Telefunken DD4 | Dynamic Drum Microphone Pack

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The DD5 drum microphone set includes 1x M82 with M782 mount, 1x M80-SHB with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount, 2x M81-SH with M784 (metal) and M785 (plastic) mount, 4x SGMC-5R five-meter XLR with right angle female connector and 1x FC80 Hard Shell Flight Case

The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik M82 is a robust large diaphragm end-address dynamic microphone that has been designed for kick drum and vocal broadcast applications.

The M81-SH was designed with the goal of developing a mic that would not only complement the M80-SH, but also stand out in a universe filled with dynamic microphone options. Building off many of the strengths of the M80, the TELEFUNKEN M81-SH retains the same minimal proximity effect, superior feedback rejection, and an articulate mid-range.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik created the M80-SHB for use on snare drum and vocal applications where a lower profile microphone with right angle XLR cable is needed. The M80-SHB is the same exact circuit as the M80 Standard, housed in a shorter microphone body with a built-on stand mount.

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