Seaboard Technology

The Seaboard can be considered as a musical keyboard that comes with a MIDI controller, manufactured by the British based technology company known as ROLI. It is popular because it has a sensor-embedded flexible rubber surface instead of moving keys.

Seaboard comes with 5D technology which includes five types of responsiveness to player actions that are strike, glide, press, slide, lift. These five tools can be used to play the Seaboard with the sound like a fretless bass guitar, it can be done by moving the finger from note to note, or by producing a vibrator effect into a string patch just by wiggling the finger, which is not at all possible on a traditional MIDI controller by using only the keys.

Seaboard comes with the in-built charged battery and polyphonic aftertouch, you can check seaboard price in India. There are three Seaboard models:

  • the small mini key BLOCK with 24keys
    • RISE with 25-49 key versions
    • GRAND with 88 keys

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