5 Best Studio Microphones for recording in 2020 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Investing in a studio microphone is a big decision and hence must be taken after thorough research and accounting one’s core needs. A poor quality recording mic will quickly lead to frustrating recording sessions and that’s the last thing you’d ever want.

Best Studio Microphone

There are multiple factors to find the best studio mic but there are some features and sound qualities that need to be the best.

5 Best Studio Microphones in 2020

So, let’s go through the best studio microphones that are currently available.

 1. Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone

Neumann tlm102

There are certain products in the world, that once mentioned in recording studios; nothing more needs to be said regarding their quality. Neumann is one of those best studio microphones that is made by a German company, that is rare in today’s world.

The Neumann TLM-102 has been specially designed for the studio and it can handle very high SPLs. This allows one to record very loud sound sources, like snare drums. This model also has an excellent command at handling lower volumes.  The microphone gives vocals a slight boost of 6kHz and is also used to achieve a clear bass sound.

The compact body size of this studio mic adds to its hyped popularity. And just like other condenser microphones, please note, it will also need +48v phantom power to operate. There is no doubt whether this is a quality recording microphone or not. It performs at a top-end performance level without one having to give a second thought on purchasing it or not.

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2. Lewitt LCT 640 TS microphone

Lewitt LCT-640 TS

Lewitt is one of the brands that can be regarded as the best recording mic for innovation. Yes, you heard that right!

Although visually it may seem similar to Lewitt Audio’s LCT 640, however, its new LCT 640 TS model sports a twin diaphragm capsule. The TS stands for Twin System: which works in regular multipattern mic mode as well as in dual mode. Hence, it provides independent access to both the diaphragm outputs. Isn’t that amazing?

This model by Lewitt not only allows adjustment of the pickup pattern after recording but also opens up some stereo recording options. In the dual-mode, the second diaphragm output is accessed via a miniature three-pin connector on the side of body.

There are accessories as well, such as foam windshield, suspension cradle, mic pouch, and a magnetic pop shield. All in all, it’s a well put together and an extremely stylish package.

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3. AKG Pro Audio P420

AKG P420

AKG is one of the most highly-respected manufacturers of microphones and accessories. Founded in Austria in the late 40s, they made a name in the market pretty quickly as a leader. This is the same brand that designed the world’s first dynamic cardioid microphone long back in the ’50s.

Later bought by Samsung in 2017, it now exists as the brand name, based in California. This model features a one-inch dual-diaphragm design, that allows you to choose from omnidirectional, cardioid, or figure-8 patterns. Hence, it gives you a lot of variety in the sounds produced.

It allows it to work with an SPL of up to a very impressive 155dB, making it superb for louder sound sources. It may have been specifically designed for vocals, but it can do a lot more than that. AKG P420 is made with a very tough metal body, black finish and it comes complete with a spider-type shock mount in an aluminum carrying case

It’s competitively priced and definitely represents value for money. It is one of the best studio mic for singing at an affordable price point However, it is very sensitive to sound, and therefore, a ‘quiet’ room is where it will work the best.

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4. MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL Mics 770 Studio Microphone

If you’re looking for a microphone for your first studio venture then you definitely must consider the MXL770. This MXL microphone is curated and manufactured to be labeled as an entry-level Studio microphone.

It is a pressure gradient condenser microphone, that is, a microphone wherein both sides of the diaphragm are exposed to the sound and features a cardioid polar pattern. Its frequency range makes it perfectly suitable for recording loud sounds.

It has a matt black body and grill and comes with a high-isolation shock mount plus a storage case. The case acts as a nice bonus for the price that it is offered. The microphone creates a very defined and crisp sound. And, it is very easy to set up for beginners and

The model is very durable in nature and has an extremely sensitive studio recording mic. Hence, it already has major features and required qualities.

Nevertheless, it is a well-made product and has the quality components to perform way above its price tag. It’s the best microphone for singing and for recording in a studio. So, you need not worry about the value that it delivers.

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5.  Rode NT1-A Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Rode NT1-A Microphone

For these people who are aware of a studio microphone, Rode is a name that’s definitely familiar with them. Having a legacy of creating a quality reputation, this model too is a versatile condenser studio microphone available at the lowest price. It not only records amazing vocals but it is equally capable in multiple other duties too.

The nickel-plated body of this studio microphone is truly a treat to the eyes. It delivers low noise performance and it is as low as 5dBA, making it one of the quietest studio mic till date. The quality surface ensures that absolute minimum of clutter noise. Apart from this, it is also very light in weight, approximately four pounds as compared to others.

This is the apt and the perfect choice to fit in a new studio having variety of uses. Or if you just want to upgrade your current studio microphone, then it is the perfect match too and price tag also gives that impression. It isn’t very expensive at all and has all the features and advantages needed for performing at a high level.

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Wrap Up

The above-mentioned studio monitors have handpicked that sit across a variety of budgets or ability levels. Remember, that the environment along with other subjective factors such as how is the feel, the aesthetics, etc are important too. Make sure you keep this in mind and hopefully with the above-mentioned information, it would be an easy pick.



Best Studio Microphones