Best microphones for You Tube videos

Best microphones for youtube videos

We will facilitate you to seek out the most effective microphones for the YouTube channel. We tested quite 20 microphones and that we come to the most effective microphones for YouTube. Once you go through all the devices mentioned below you would acquire knowledge of choosing your microphones.

once you creating videos the foremost important thing is that the ideas and content. the next, most significant things are high-quality audio. If you set up with lower quality videos it reduces your channel views. If you’re shooting a video 1080p and not 4k but your audio particular people like your videos. Most You Tubers changes their mics frequently because they need to extend the standard of the videos

In this blog, we not only discuss the microphones for YouTube. We gave additional information about microphones it causes you to clear which product is suitable for your YouTube channel.

In YouTube, there’s an infinite sort of categories like vlogging, gaming, prank, voice-over, tutorial, and many.

Table of content  

Best USB microphone for YouTube:  

        1. Rode NT-USB   

        2. Audio Technica At2020 USB+ 

        3. Hyper QuadCast 

        4. Samson g-track pro 

Best shotgun microphones for YouTube videos: 

        1. Rode Videomic Pro+  

         2. Deity D3 pro    

Best levaliers microphone for YouTube: 

        1.Boya b1-m1  

        2. AGP Tek  

Best all rounder microphone for YouTube: 

       1.Rode videomic NTG         

Best microphone for the YouTube vlogging 

        1.Zoom handy h1n 

Best  USB  microphone for YouTube

1. Rode NT-USB. 

  •      The rode could be a highly general-purpose side-address microphone appropriate for recording any vocals with all typical applications. The body features a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone jack to microphone input now and then.
  •      The Rode NT-USB is that the best USB microphone for under 200$. It captures the audio 24bit and 48kHz. it’s very easy to use and rode NT has unique gain selling when the gain is at a too high level, are going to be too sensitive, and may devour room noise which will even be heard.
                    Pros                         cons 
DSP-free microphone signal  Zero-latency monitoring mode  Pop shield and stand   Budget friend   No gain   No mute button  

2. Audio Technica At2020 USB+

Audio Technica At2020 USB+
  • The At 2020 USB+ features a headphone jack with volume control, which allows you to watch the microphone signal immediately.
  • its mixed controls for bending your microphone signal features a great quality plug and play feature connecting to your desktop or laptop through the USB port.
  • Cardioid mode is that the only polar pattern that it supports. Despite being the foremost common polar pattern it’s most sensitive to sound source right before it but rejects and from behind.
  • It is an occasional level of self-noise, which is ideal for digital recording. The Mass design of the diaphragm is chargeable for the wonderful transient response.
                     Pros                       cons 
Crisp sound   Compatibility  It has an on/off switch and headphone volume control No shock mount  Only records only in cardioid mode   

3. HyperX Quadcast

HyperX Quadcast
  • QuadCast is the inclusive microphone for stream, podcasters, and games who want a condenser microphone with impressive quality sound at a reasonable price. The Quantcast includes its anti-vibration shock to help reduce the sound of any movement. 
  • The mic features a stand and shock mount, and they have both being pre-installed, so the microphone is ready to be plugged in and used immediately. 
                    Pros                       cons 
Design   Sound quality   Mount and stands support Light cannot be turned off   Audio limits are to 48khz/16-bit   

4. Samson g-track pro

  • The Samson g-tank pro is a USB microphone designed to provide the high for professionals through its audio interface. the dual 1-inch condenser capsules capture all the details and nuance of your voice, enhancing the quality of the recording, live stream, or broadcast.
  • It has a ⅛ inches stereo headphones output for zero-latency monetary and combines 24bit, 96kHz digital recording resolution. Furthermore, it has 4 polar patterns. Cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional pickup patterns

And ¼ audio input for professional sounding, no matter the applications.      

                       Pros                         cons 
Gain knobs   Use input and microphone simultaneously  Weight desktop No adapter for mic stand   It is heavy and bulky    

Best shotgun microphone  for YouTube videos 

1. Rode Videomic Pro+ 

  • Rode video mic pro+ awesome and shock-mount system, meaning if there’s any movement while you are filming, you are gonna of that movement or camera noise picked up by the microphone. Back of the microphone you also have a heap of control over the audio is captured.
  • You also get 3 levels of gain control you can set gain or your boost to zero.

          It a rechargeable battery you can also run the microphone off two AA  

           batteries, you can power it over USB as well.

  • When your camera is on it automatically mic switches on. When your camera is off its automatic mic switches off and it saves the batteries.
                       Pros                         cons 
Good sound quality  Auto power on/off    2 high pass stages
the Mic can impede access to the viewfinder on some cameras   

 2. Deity D3 pro   

Deity D3 pro
  •  D3 is mainly for the on-camera shotgun microphone to complete things like the rode video mic pro but of course it more versatile in the way that it can be removed from the shock mount and be put on to other shock mounts used on the boom pole or in pretty much any set up you can imagine.
  • D3 uses internal rechargeable battery(50/2charges). D3 pro is 0-10(0-20db) stepless gain control knob. 
                       Pros                         cons 
Incredibly versatile microphone   Sound quality very good  Foam windscreen
Does not detect all cameras check the deity site for details    

Best levaliers microphone for YouTube :

1.Boya b1-m1 

Boya b1-m1
  • Boya b1-m1 ridiculously cheap and it’s got a crazy long six meters or almost 20-foot long cabal so it is a flexible move away from your camera if you need but You have still got the advantages of directly connected to your camera the audio.
  • This microphone has the standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack plug and it supports both TRS and TRRS you can use the camera DSLR and your smartphones. This microphone used by many YouTubers 
                       Pros                         cons 
It is small  Easy to use  Very cheap  It can not be used for multi persons.  Required  LR44 batteries. 

2. AGPTek Lavalier Microphone : 

  • This is the least expensive microphone on our list. This does have some good solid audio quality and it is very easy to carry.
  • AGP direction is the omnidirectional microphones and its sensitivity

            (0dB = 1v/ pa, 1kHz) off is for the smartphone and on is for the DSL

                       Pros                         cons 
It is portable   Easy to set up  Very cheap  the cable can be a trip hazard  

Best all rounder microphone for YouTube:

 1.Rode videomic NTG 

Rode videomic NTG
  •  It is an amazing shotgun microphone that also works as a podcast-style microphone. The microphone has a 3.5mm plug which have auto detects 

Between TRS and TRRS so you don’t need to purchase any adapters.

  • It will work in both regular cameras and it’s also got a high USB c port that can be used can plug it into your computer and also your iPad. 
                     Pros                         cons 
It can be used for multiple purposes.  Great sound quality No battery option or XLR 

Best microphone for the youtube vlogging

1. Zoom handy h1n 

  • Zoom handy h1 and this actually that just a microphone

 As well because of this little thing recording unit in a lot of situations. This mic is great for traveling around.

  • You can also use this mic to walk around and interview the people 

     It has a lot of settings, for this reason, I would suggest these microphones.

                       Pros                         cons 
Best microphone in this price. It has a hold button.
Battery problem.      

USB Microphone: 

                  A USB microphone is an audio interface it is connected directly to digital devices via USB they are a lot of USB microphone which one is your worth money and which is suitable for you.

 Shotgun microphones: 

                       These will capture audio in just the direction the microphone is pointing it can be used in cameras and smartphones and it can create a video of multiple people in short.

Lavalier microphone:

                 This microphone gives nice clean audio and it very cheap and when compared to the other microphones. It can clip it on on t-shit, jacket, etc but it can only use one person at a time 


All the devices shown above have their pros and cons as you see. As per your convenience choose the best microphone which suits you and the channel. Microphone will be the soul to your videos so it should take utmost care to choose the best microphone to give quality audio so that the audience can take the content fully without hesitation. Good audio quality plus good content will raise your channel’s growth.